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Plant Prescription: Baby Plants and Props Substrate Mix

Plant Prescription: Baby Plants and Props Substrate Mix

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What is this?

These are substrate blends designed to be added to soil at a specific ratio. The six different varieties are formulated for six different types of plants to provide them the best growing environment for growth and optimum health, making your plant easier to care for.

How do I know if this is for me?

Buying the substrates on their own is less for beginners and more for those who have been around the block a few time and have their repotting technique mastered. If this is not you, check out our bespoke repotting kits that come with everything you will need including easy to follow instructions.

The Baby Plants and Props Plant Prescription is baby plants, seedlings, fresh cuttings, rooted cuttings, bulbs and corms. Fabulous for rooting cuttings if the water method doesn’t always work out for you. This substrate is small and light to allow the tiny roots easy movement through the soil and carry just the right around of soil. This substrate supplies a lot of calcium to our roots to strengthen them and hardy them so they will thrive and survive when they are ready to be re-potted in their big kid pot someday. Use will soil or use on its own.

What amount do I need to buy?

The substrates are sold by weight so you can use as much or as little as you need for your plants.

Recycle all your packaging!

All our packaging is recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable. The wood wool package filling can go straight on the compost pile or in the brown bin, the rest of your packaging can go straight in the recycle bin, including any staples, labels, or tape. Keep your wax seal and use it again!

If you have any other questions about our products or what to buy, refer to our education articles or contact us for more information.


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All orders are posted through Evry (previously Hermes). At
this moment in time, Plant Apothecary products are only available in UK, NI,
ROI, Scotland, Wales, and British Islands. For European shipping, please
contact us for more information.


The items in this kit are individually packed in either
kraft paper or glassine bags with an informative label describing the product. Alongside
instructions, the items are wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside a
decorated carboard box.

Recycling Information

Cardboard Box = recyclable

Paper Bags = recyclable

White Glassine Bags = biodegradable

Colour Stickers = recyclable PVC free vinyl

White Labels = recyclable

Paper products = recyclable

Tissue Paper = biodegradable

Wood wool package filler = compostable

Plant Treatment tubs = PVC free recyclable plastic

Mailer Bag = biodegradable

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