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The Plant Apothecary

Plant Doctor IV Bag

Plant Doctor IV Bag

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This IV bag is designed as a slow release watering system for your plants that is reusable. Fill the bag with water, hang it on the provided IV hook that goes into the soil, put the tube end down into the soil and change the regulator dial to control release.


This is perfect for those going on holidays and are worried about their hydration loving plants. It is also a good way to slow release feed your plant a plant food. Pick a water soluble plant food to add to your IV bag to boost the “treatment” your IV bag delivers.

Root Juice- root conditioning treatment that is nice for plants growing new leaves

Acti Vera- aloe based treatment great for a plant that is recovering from being unwell.

Miracle Grow- great for encouraging new growth or for indoor herbs and vegetable plants.

Microbe Tea- a booster for your plants immune system, a good option for a plant that is recovering from an infestation


coming soon


All orders are posted through Evry (previously Hermes). At
this moment in time, Plant Apothecary products are only available in UK, NI,
ROI, Scotland, Wales, and British Islands. For European shipping, please
contact us for more information.


The items in this kit are individually packed in either
kraft paper or glassine bags with an informative label describing the product. Alongside
instructions, the items are wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside a
decorated carboard box.

Recycling Information

Cardboard Box = recyclable

Paper Bags = recyclable

White Glassine Bags = biodegradable

Colour Stickers = recyclable PVC free vinyl

White Labels = recyclable

Paper products = recyclable

Tissue Paper = biodegradable

Wood wool package filler = compostable

Plant Treatment tubs = PVC free recyclable plastic

Mailer Bag = biodegradable

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