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Moss Poles by Mythos 3Design

Moss Poles by Mythos 3Design

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Sphagnum Moss

4 piece 3D printed moss pole system with added on twist ties for plant securing and pre-measured live sphagnum moss. 

XL-sized modular moss pole with a large 6 cm (2.4") diameter, the starter kit is comprised of two 25 cm (10") sections of moss pole, and a 12.5 cm (5") anchor base. Mythos 3Design offer moss pole kits with lengths up to 200 cm (80"), and you can increase the length further by adding extensions (available on
A tried and proven sturdy design, this moss pole has a unique screw connection that allows this moss pole to be endlessly extended as your plant grows.

This starter kit includes:

- 1 x 12.5 cm anchor base 

- 2 x 25 cm pole extension

- 1 x slow drip watering reservoir

Mythos 3Design products are printed with PLA+.

PLA+ is a 100% bio-sourced plastic: it’s made of renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. PLA is also biodegradable and it can be composted.


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All orders are posted through Evry (previously Hermes). At
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The items in this kit are individually packed in either
kraft paper or glassine bags with an informative label describing the product. Alongside
instructions, the items are wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside a
decorated carboard box.

Recycling Information

Cardboard Box = recyclable

Paper Bags = recyclable

White Glassine Bags = biodegradable

Colour Stickers = recyclable PVC free vinyl

White Labels = recyclable

Paper products = recyclable

Tissue Paper = biodegradable

Wood wool package filler = compostable

Plant Treatment tubs = PVC free recyclable plastic

Mailer Bag = biodegradable

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