Collection: Houseplant Repotting Kits

Bespoke Repotting Kits to give you everything you need for the perfect plant repotting experience regardless of your plant repotting skills. Available in different size of plants with six different substrate blends available, there is a kit for any type of plant imaginable.

Substrates are mixtures of rocks, minerals, and animal matter designed to make your plant's soil better mimic where your plant originally come from so that they can live their best life. A lot of plants are easier to take care of once they are in a better growing environment.

Each kit has your SOIL + SUBSTRATES + DRAINAGE LAYER + SOIL CONDITIONER to give your plant the best new environment to grow in. 


There are five different blends available for different kinds of plants...

Baby Plants and Props= tiny plants, new plants seedlings, fresh or rooted cuttings, bulbs, corms, seeds for germinating

Into The Tropics= tropical plants, calatheas, monsteras, philodendrons

The Forest Floor= forest plants, ferns, ficus, ivy, peace lilies, tradescantias, etc.

Succulents and Cacti= succulents, cacti, and "string of..." plants

Orchids= orchids but also african violets, guzmanias, and medanilla

Pick your plant size, described in each listing, and that's it!